what is ssn number in india

The Personal Identity Code is a means to distinguish between individuals having the same name. It can be found in some public documents (such as the deed of purchase of real estate). Therefore, knowing the code should not be used as a proof of identity, although this sometimes happens in the commercial sector. Employers need the personal identity code to report payment of wages to Finnish Tax Administration, the pension funds, etc.

what is ssn number in india

EGNs are also printed on Bulgarian identity cards and passports, under the heading “ЕГН/Personal number”. In Colombia, each person is issued a basic ID card during childhood (Tarjeta de Identidad). The ID number includes the date of birth and a short serial number. Upon reaching the age of 18, every citizen is reissued a citizenship card (Cédula de Ciudadanía), and the ID number on it is used and required in all instances, public and private.

Nova Credit is a cross-border credit bureau that allows newcomers to apply for U.S. credit cards, phone plans, and loans using their foreign credit history. An SSN is used to track an individual’s yearly earnings and the number of years they’ve worked. These figures are required to compute potential financial benefits, whether they relate to retirement income, disability income, or health insurance. In those years, the first three digits represented the area in which the individual was born or was from.

Personal number is also reused as taxpayer identification number for Individual entrepreneurs. For citizens first few digits apparently represent place of birth, but format is not public. In Hong Kong, a Hong Kong Identity Card (HKID) is mandatory for all residents aged over 11, subject to limited exceptions. HKID cards contain the bearer’s HKID number, of which the standard format is X123456(A). A is the check digit, which has 11 possible values from 0 to 9 and A. Additionally, one can view the international securities identification numbers organization that helps assign ISIN codes to securities.

In South Africa every citizen must apply for an Identity Card from the age of 16 years. The ID number is already allocated at the time the birth certificate is generated and required for child passport applications. This passport-size document contains only 8 pages – the first page containing the national identification number (also in barcoded format), name of bearer, district or country of birth, as well as a photograph of the bearer. The other pages are used for recording of voting participation, a page for driver’s license information (although it is no longer used since the introduction of plastic card type licenses), as well as pages for fire arms licenses (also plastic card type now). The card is required to apply for a passport, car learner’s license (over 17), motorcycle learner’s license (over 16), driving license (over 18), motorcycle license (over 16 or 18 depending on cc) and to vote (over 18). The Identity Card is not used for international travel purposes (a separate passport is issued) but usually is acceptable photographic identification for internal flights, and mainly serves as proof of identification.

Aadhaar Number in India and the Social Security Number in USA- not the same

On 28 January 2009, the Indian Government established an Authority called the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) to issue a Unique Identification Number to all residents of India. The Aadhar letter, downloaded Aadhar letter, PVC Card, Aadhar printed on paper or plastic cards or in any other approved mode shall have an equal acceptance and validity throughout India for all purposes, including identification. For all employees earning ₹21,000 (US$260) or less per month as wages, the employer contributes 3.25% and the employee contributes 0.75%, total share 4%. ESI scheme is a type of social security scheme for employees in the organised sector.

People are not expected to know their number when dealing with an authority. The Government’s social security and welfare expenditures are a substantial portion of the official budget and as well as the budgets of social security bodies, and state and local governments play roles in developing and implementing social security policies. Additional welfare measure systems are also uniquely operated by various state governments.[2][3] Aadhaar is utilised to distribute welfare measures in India.


Individuals who are aged 12 or older must have an in-person interview at a Social Security office as part of the SS card application. There’s no easy way to check and see whether your Social Security number has been compromised. However, there are a few ways you can keep up-to-date with any unusual activity that may be related to someone else using it. You can monitor your credit reports and bank accounts, verify your income with the Social Security Administration, and request tax transcripts with the IRS. With very few exceptions, all U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and temporary or working residents have a Social Security number. Even non-working residents (citizens and non-citizens alike) can obtain an SSN, due to its use by businesses and government entities.

Now, it is used for additional purposes, such as identifying individuals for tax purposes and tracking credit reports. The term Social Security number (SSN) refers to a numerical identifier assigned to U.S. citizens and other residents to track income and determine benefits. Historically, the number has been composed of the date of birth (DDMMYY), a three digit individual number, and two check digits. The individual number and the check digits are collectively known as the Personal Number.


TIN to claim a reduced rate of withholding under a tax treaty if the requirements for the following exceptions are met. The Social Security Administration will mail your number and card as soon as all of your immigration information has been verified. The Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act introduces the option for women to negotiate work from home arrangements, if they reach an understanding with their employers, after the maternity leave ends. Sickness benefit under ESI coverage is 70% of the average daily wage and is payable for 91 days during two consecutive benefit periods. In addition, there are separate pension funds for civil servants, workers employed in coal mines and tea plantations in the state of Assam, and for seamen.

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In Sri Lanka, all citizens over the age of 16 need to apply for a National Identity Card (NIC). Macau’s Finance Department has also adopted identification number as a tax reporting number, for tax filing purposes. There is another number for elections, which are mandatory participation for citizens from 18 to 70 years old.

Unexpected Payment to an Individual

(b) Total permanent disablement—60% of the monthly wage multiplied by the relevant factor (age) or an amount of Rs 90,000 (US$1,401.98), whichever is more. In addition, workers employed in certain types of occupations are exposed to the risk of contracting certain diseases, which are peculiar and inherent to those occupations. A worker contracting an occupational disease is deemed to have suffered an accident out of and in the course of employment, and the employer is liable to pay compensation for the same. Injuries resulting in permanent total and partial disablement are listed in parts I and II of Schedule I of the Employee’s Compensation Act, while occupational diseases have been defined in parts A, B, and C of Schedule III of the Employee’s Compensation Act.

what is ssn number in india

The number is used by the IRS to confirm that the earnings reported on your tax return match the income your employer has paid you. We and all of our authors strive to provide you with high-quality content. However, the written content on this website solely represents the views of the authors, unless otherwise specifically cited, but doesn’t represent professional financial or legal advice. As we cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the published articles or sources referenced, please use the information at your own discretion.

So by using Nova Credit’s Global Credit Passport® to apply for credit cards, auto loans, phone plans and other credit services, you have a better chance of a successful application and then use those products to begin building your U.S. credit history. In order to get an SSN, you must fill out form Form SS-5 and provide the SSA with two documents that prove your age and identity, and citizenship or immigration status. A full list of requirements, such what is ssn number in india as documentation that proves age, identity, and U.S. citizenship or immigration status, is included on the form. In some circumstances, an individual may change their Social Security number. Since 2016, identification no. is one detail of Ukrainian identity card (compared to being a separate paper document (still in force during transition period) in the past. It takes up to 5 days to obtain a taxpayer identification number or tax ID in Ukraine.

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The RG system is more widespread, but its shortcomings have led to debate about merging both systems into a new one, which would be based around the CPF. The ways in which such a system is implemented vary among countries, but in most cases citizens are issued an identification number upon reaching legal age, or when they are born. Non-citizens may be issued such numbers when they enter the country, or when granted a temporary or permanent residence permit. Mary, a citizen and resident of Ireland, visits the United States and wins $5,000 playing a slot machine in a casino. Under the treaty with Ireland, the winnings are not subject to U.S. tax. Mary claims the treaty benefits by providing a Form W-8BEN to the casino upon winning at the slot machine.

The tenth digit (C) is created using the Luhn, or “mod 10”, checksum algorithm. In the Netherlands, all people receive a Burgerservicenummer (BSN) (Citizen Service Number) when they are born or when first taking up residence. It is printed on driving licenses, passports and international ID cards, under the header Personal Number. Before 2007, the BSN was known as sofinummer (the acronym sofi stands for so-ciaal (social) fi-scaal (fiscal) ). However, initially it was issued by regionally operating branches of the tax department which were all assigned ranges; in densely populated areas the assigned ranges would overflow thus causing duplicate numbers. This mistake was corrected during the transition from SOFI to BSN by issuing a new number to people having a duplicate one.

J-1 Students with On-Campus Employment

When you become a citizen or a permanent resident of the United States, you’ll need to obtain an SSN. To initiate the process, you must complete and file an application with the appropriate supporting documentation. In this post, we’ll share important information about SSN, including exactly what it is, why having one is important, and how to obtain one.

what is ssn number in india

In the event of the death or disablement of the employee, the gratuity must still be paid to the nominee or the heir of the employee. (a) Death—50% of the monthly wage multiplied by the relevant factor (age) or an amount of Rs 80,000 (US$1,246.20), whichever is more. Your DSO will share important information regarding the regulations and requirements for F and M students, and confirm whether you are eligible to apply for an SSN.

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